Week 4: Guest Posts Mrs Yollis

I was very interested in Mrs Yollis blog post, all about fun games the students like to play at her school. It was all about 3 games that are played at her school. They used videos to explain them.

At my school my friends and I love to play whole school chase. But last year one of my friends called Maddie invented a game called “demonds”. It is an extremely fun game where one person is it and can only walk. Although it sounds like the it person will never get anyone they do because it is gang up so more and more people become it. Maddie is the best at being the demond because she always makes it scary, and hides in one spot then jumps out. In year 5 we used to play handball all lunch and recess. 

Yesterday my friends and I played your game called sour apple, it is heaps of fun! 

Where I live in Australia it is just coming into summer so it is a great temperature to play games outside. Sometimes it gets too hot so we go and play in the gymnasium where there are heaps of different games to play. PSThe gym is where we played your game sour apple.

This is my friend Maddie’s blog


This is Mrs Yollis class blog


One thought on “Week 4: Guest Posts Mrs Yollis

  1. G’day Harriet,
    What a great post about games you play. It is good to see you have included a link back to Mrs Yollis’ class blog and included her video. Well done!

    I tried to flip it to our magazine but your teacher might need to change the general>reading settings on the class blog or on your blog.

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